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While youngsters rule the techy world, we Baby Boomers consider on-line pop-ups the work of the devil, and the red dot on the TV practically a war-crime! See how the generations collide in this comic drama. Bemused highlights how a lack of IT skills can render us helpless to a series of highly embarrassing events!


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Bemused is a comedy drama Baby Boomers will understand perfectly, while others might struggle to believe. The action is based around four generations inhabiting very different realities. The grand-children’s world is all play and gadgets, while their parents and grandparents grapple with grown-up relationships. The -much older and wiser- Mr B meanwhile enjoys the philosophical zone of old age.

Anne and Graham have been married a long time. On a personal level they need each other, but struggle with the pressures placed on them by changing social trends.  They’re also of an age where online pop-ups are the work of the devil, and the red dot on the TV practically a war-crime; their lack of tech skills renders them victim to a highly embarrassing series of events.

Their younger son Tom is irresponsible and lazy. They long to grab by the curtain-rings through his ears, pull up his sagging trousers and point out that specific and pacific are two entirely different words! Moreover, they consider it their duty to indicate he won’t get a job at the United Nations with a tattoo of a drooling zombie creeping up his neck! Eventually Tom is cornered in to taking responsibility by forces larger than himself.  Their daughter Polly meanwhile is almost too sensible.  Her relationship with her children’s father seems doomed until she listens to the wisdom of an older soul.

The two grandchildren, Lottie and Leo represent the future, but also a world of modern gadgets their grandparents find perplexing.  Their world is certainly very different from that of Mr B, the benign next-door neighbour whose allotted time is drawing to a close. Yet what Anne calls their essential connection brings them together for simply being human.

Max and Barbara example some of the conflicts of the times; each is at odds with modern life where it diverges from their traditional upbringing. Equally, each seems to yearn for a conventional love match. We sympathise with their feeling under pressurise to adopt views they feel they should adopt, but which don’t really sit well with either of them. Sparks fly between them from the outset, priming us for fireworks when Max challenges Barbara to go on a date with him!

Amy, (Tom’s girlfriend) is also lost in uncertain terrain; she wants a family but sees Tom is too idle and feckless to give structure their lives. Eventually it is her strength of character that wins through.  She realises that what may once have sunk them (a partner unwilling to take responsibility) can’t be allowed to so do.

Bemused sets out to show that the timing of our birth and the spirit of that time (the zeitgeist) bestows on us a singular and unrepeatable view of the world – a world defined utterly by this accident of timing. The great difficulty for us all is to understand how generations other than our own perceive the spirit of their time. Certainly to disregard the experiences of those born at another moment in history is to ignore the lessons of history. The reality is that world events are lived out through real people. Bemused is about both the specifics of when we were born, and the timeless ties that bind us.



GRAHAM: A man in his early sixties with tousled brown, thinning hair.

ANNE: A woman in her mid-fifties with curly blond hair; she wears a streak of blue running through the fringe to emphasise, (she hopes) her youthful outlook.

TOM:  An eternal teenager aged thirty. He’s one of the so-called Boomerang Generation. His day consists of gaming, watching films and visiting the fridge. He’s out of work, but prefers the phrase pre-employed. He has an on-off girlfriend, Amy.

POLLY:   Tom’s sceptical older sister aged thirty-two, who left home at eighteen, and has two children from a semi-detached relationship. She’s vocal on women’s rights.

LEO:  Polly’s son aged 9; hyperactive and funny.

LOTTIE: Polly’s daughter aged 11; maternal and gentle.

AMY:  Tom’s on-off girlfriend; she’s assertive and eternally frustrated with Tom’s lack of get up and go, but defensive of him too, especially around Polly.

MAX:  Graham’s best friend; he embarrasses Graham in one way or other.

BARBARA: Anne’s sister. She is conflicted; she wants a relationship but doesn’t seem to like men.

MR BOULDERSTONE: The elderly next door neighbour; known to everyone as Mr B; he’s old school, genteel and polite. He points out aspects to life the others haven’t considered




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