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Playscripts.online is the new home for the famous comedyplays.co.uk and incorporating, dramaplays.co.uk and pantoplays.co.uk

Welcome to Playscripts.online where you can find all of your script needs in one place: Comedy, Drama, Panto and many others all in one place. So take a look around and see what takes your fancy.

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Comedy Plays was started over 15 years ago by frustrated playwright Steve Davies to promote his own work. Simply because, as any amateur playwright will know, getting a play published let alone performed is very difficult.

The website proved very popular (some 4,000 visits per month) and Steve’s plays were starting to get produced.

This prompted enquiries from other writers asking if they could place their work on the site. This Steve did and to this day this service is free.

This we continue to do with this new and exciting website, playscripts.online.

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How can I preview the scripts?

If you see a script you like, below this you can view a quick sample of the first few pages and If you are still not convinced check to see if there are any reviews.

How much is a script?

Our pricing policy is simple. We like simple. Simple is good. So, if it is a one act play or a full length play our prices are the same.

You have 3 options when purchasing from us. Download, Printed Comb Booklet A5 & A4 & performance license.


How much is a public performance licence?

For a professional public performance license, please contact us and we will get back to you with a quote.

How can I get my script on playscripts.online?

Just send us a copy of your play (preferably in word format) to jude@comedyplays.co.uk. If accepted we will send you a copy of our Writer’s terms and conditions for you to sign.

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"In the Pipeline" by Jim Hollingsworth

The setting is an office attached to the parish church of St Jude the Obscure.  We will meet a vicar, terrified of babies, who accidentally overdoses on vodka, an overdue baby, a hapless church official and his long-suffering colleague, a flustered vicar's wife, an impostor unmasked and a pacey plot thickening every minute to produce 'In the Pipeline', a fast-moving farce where all's well that ends well – eventually.



Bountiful Gifts by Dan Noonan

It’s the 1990’s and Rosemary is hosting her dysfunctional family for Thanksgiving as usual. But this year the stakes are especially high because her husband Ed was just offered a big transfer/promotion out to California. But Rosemary, who has devoted her life to this contentious group, does not want to move and leave her family behind. In order to change Ed’s mind, Rosemary is determined to make this the most peaceful, joyous, family affirming Thanksgiving of her career. The only real obstacle is her family: a sister-in-law with a brain tumor; a self-obsessed teenage son who does hair and make-up; a daughter-in-law and son who want to move back in; a caustic sister who loves to be a pot boiler; an aunt in her eighties who insists on being treated like a princess; and a neurotic hippy niece who can’t be in the same room as her mother. Join this cast of characters as they put Rosemary through the ringer while she tries to create a day of family bliss.



Miss Marble Strikes; Again! by Nigel Manson

The action is set in 26 Waverly Lane Farnham. It should be an ordinary day for George and Melissa Model (Pronounced Mo-Dell). However it is not long before their prim and proper house keeper Miss Marble, witnesses what she thinks is an abduction and incarceration of a woman by her employers. After her protests to free the woman fall on deaf ears, Miss Marble announces that she is on strike and leaves them to it. This suits Mr. and Mrs. Model just fine as actually they would both like the house free that evening for secret soirées of their own. Each party having invented an alibi for their whereabouts for later that evening, their lies and subterfuge (E.g. a trapped rat under the stairs) lead to all kinds of misunderstandings. Enter a very early Meg (A wannabe live in housekeeper) who wants to be George’s lover. Melissa wants to use Greg’s (their gardener) gigolo skills, for her own gratification but both George and Melissa are reluctant to be the first to leave the house. Enter the Spanish neighbour’s non English speaking, soon to be living in housekeeper Lolita, who has come to collect next door’s key from Miss Marble so she can prepare next door’s house for her family’s arrival. However infidelity, deceit, and mistaken identity lead to poor innocent Lolita who is given to her, the task of rat catcher for a fictional rat. Thus along with most of the cast at one point or other, she finds herself either hiding or being held captive in the storeroom under the stairs. Question is: will Miss Marble ever return to save the day or will they all find themselves in perpetual confusion for the foreseeable future?