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About Us

Comedy Plays was started over 15 years ago by frustrated playwright Steve Davies to promote his own work. Simply because, as any amateur playwright will know, getting a play published let alone performed is very difficult.

The website proved very popular (some 4,000 visits per month) and Steve’s plays were starting to get produced. This prompted enquiries from other writers asking if they could place their work on the site. This Steve did and to this day this service is free.

More recently Jude Buckley has taken over the running of the company and expanded the business to what it is today.

So far we have helped many new writers get their work noticed and performed all over the world.

This we continue to do with this new and exciting website, playscripts.online.

Meet The Team

Steve Davies

Roles and Responsibilities: L.G.F (The Big Cheese)

Jude Buckley

Roles and Responsibilities: Script & Performance Controller