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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a script

Our pricing policy is simple. We like simple. Simple is good. So, if it is a one-act play or a full length play our prices are the same.

You have 3 options when purchasing from us.

Option 1: You can purchase a download .pdf of the script.

  • These are £20 per download and are the same for every script. Once purchased you will receive a pdf copy of the script straight to your email.

Option 2: You can order a printed comb bound booklet sent to you next day (order before 12 pm). These come in A5 or A4, perfect for rehearsals or table reading. See prices below:

  • A5 Comb-Bound Booklet = £10 Per Copy (Our A5 scripts are meant to be for evaluation only and are small print)
  • A4 Comb-Bound Booklet = £12 Per Copy

Option 3: If you will be performing this script you will need a performance license; see prices for amateur productions below:

  • One Act Plays: £30 (Each Performance)
  • Full Length Plays: £40 (Each Performance)
  • Professional Public Licence: For a professional public performance license, please contact us and we will get back to you with a quote.

Once purchased, we will be in touch to get details about performance in order to qualify and deliver your performance license.

Please Note: 75% of the cost for each performance goes back in the author’s pocket. The rest goes to running this company and a little bit to the people who manage it.

How can I preview the scripts

If you see a script you like, below this you can view a quick sample of the first few pages and If you are still not convinced check to see if there are any reviews.

How much is a public performance licence

Please contact us directly on steve@comedyplays.co.uk

As an author, how can I get my script on playscripts.online

Just send us a copy of your play (preferably in word format) to jude@comedyplays.co.uk.  If accepted we will send you a copy of our Writer’s terms and conditions for you to sign.

What are the terms and conditions for each script purchase?

All leaflets, posters, adverts, programmes, videos and tickets should acknowledge the following:

  • The Authors name
  • That the play is produced in association with “Playscripts.Online or comedyplays.co.uk or dramaplays.co.uk or pantoplays.co.uk”

Alterations to Scripts
If you feel the need to make amendments, additions or omissions to any of our scripts – Please don’t!
Contact us first, most of our writers will accommodate you.

Copyright Protection in Written Works
The titles in this web site are fully protected under the Copyright Laws of the British Commonwealth of Nations, the United States of America and all countries of the Berne and Universal Copyright Conventions. All rights, including Stage, Motion Picture, Radio, Television, Public Reading and Translations into Foreign Languages, are strictly reserved. No part of these works may lawfully be reproduced in ANY form or by any means — photocopying, typescript, recording (including video recording), manuscript, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise — or be transmitted or stored in a retrieval system, without prior permission.

Changes in UK Copyright Laws
Copyright now subsists in the work of a writer until the end of the seventieth year following his or her death, rather than the end of the fiftieth year as hitherto and works which were considered to be out of copyright have been brought back into protection and become liable for royalty payment when performed if the author has been dead for less than seventy years. Thus, a number of writers whose work was in the public domain are affected.

Public Performances
Protection against unlawful performances of plays is afforded to dramatic authors by means of copyright. Under the Copyright Law no public performance or reading of a protected play may be given, either in its entirety or in the form of excerpts, without the prior consent of the owner of the copyright. As agents for the copyright owners we issue licences for performances on payment of a fee. The fees quoted are subject to contract and subject to variation at the sole discretion of Comedy Plays. Fees for performances given in premises seating 400 or more persons will be subject to negotiation.

Private and Domestic Performances
The precise stage at which a reading or other representation of a play ceases to be a public performance and becomes a private and domestic one will depend entirely upon circumstances. Performances that take place in one’s own home and under certain conditions in hospitals and institutions can be domestic; but it is not safe to assume that they are invariably so. It is always advisable to furnish us with the full facts of each individual case, and to apply for a free licence before any performance or reading takes place.

Charity Performances
If it is intended to give a performance in aid of charity the owner of the copyright will not consent to reduce, or waive claim to, the usual fee unless by prior arrangement with Playscripts.Online

Performances Overseas
There may be restrictions on the performance of certain plays overseas. Amateurs intending production overseas must, in their own interest, make application to us, before starting rehearsals or booking a theatre or hall.

Prior Consent
It is important that the consent of the copyright owner should be obtained before any performance of a play is given. Payment of the fee and obtaining the licence after the event will be subject to a 50% surcharge

Video Recordings
It should not be assumed that any play may be video recorded for whatever purpose without first obtaining the permission of the appropriate agents. The fact that a play/panto/sketch is included in the Playscripts.Online list does not indicate that video rights are available or that Playscripts.Online controls such rights.

Writers Terms and Conditions 


Please read the following very carefully. You need to confirm in your registration email to us that you are in agreement.


  1. By registering your works with Playscripts.Online you give Playscripts.Online the right to issue copies of scripts for performance and authorise third parties to perform said works.


  1. An author may register as many plays as they like. However, that play must not be registered with another publisher, promoter or agent.


  1. All performances of works registered with Playscripts.Online must be authorised and licensed by Playscripts.Online. Playscripts.Online will issue licenses, collect fees and pay the appropriate Royalties fourteen days after such payment has been received.


  1. Online will not be liable for any outstanding fee in the case of a licensee bad debt.


  1. Copyright remains with the author at all times. Works will be posted on the site after receipt of all the required information and after due consideration and approval of the piece as suitable.


  1. Any and all requests for alterations and omissions to scripts by a third party will have to be approved by the author in writing. Playscripts.Online will undertake to seek that permission.


  1. All enquiries regarding any registered piece must be directed through Playscripts.Online.


  1. An author may remove any piece from the site by giving 4 weeks notice in writing to Playscripts.Online. All rights to issue performance authorisation reverts back to the author.


  1. Online reserve the right to remove any work without prior notice to the author should any work be deemed to be offensive to any group, race, culture, religion, organisation, person or persons or if it is deemed to be libellous to any of the aforementioned or in anyway considered unsuitable for this site.



All notices, posters, flyers, programmes, advertisements (all media), radio and TV broadcasts must acknowledge the following:-

  • The author of the work
  • The work(s) have been sourced via, Playscripts.Online

Cancelation and Refund Policy

Full refunds of license fees will only be given if Playscripts.Online are informed a minimum of 5 days prior to the first performance date. Refunds may be considered after that date but only for exceptional circumstances as Royalty fees may have been paid to the author and therefore not recoverable. Playscripts.Online decision is final. Refunds will not be given in the case of poor audience attendance or cancellation due to adverse weather

Not complying with any of the terms and conditions above could result in large fines, lawsuit or conviction to any of those involved in the matter.

Any more questions? Get in touch via the details on our contact page.