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A fresh look at the Cinderella story introducing new characters such as Dindianna, Dandini’s young sister and solving poor Button’s situation.  The ugly sisters enable two Dames on stage at the same time and threaten the happy ending when the shoe fits one! But all ends well.

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Cinderella eagerly awaits the return of her Father, Baron Stoneybroke, with his new wife, Baroness Morwenna, and two stepsisters for her. The Baroness controls the Baron by means of a special medicine for his obscure illness, so he does not recall getting married nor does he see the unfair treatment of his own daughter. The ugly sisters (played as Dames) make Cinderella’s life difficult.  Buttons is steadfastly loyal even though his love is unrequited, but with the arrival of Dindianna (Dandini’s young sister) there is hope for him. Meanwhile the Ladies in waiting continue their quest for one of them to marry the prince.  A senile Chamberlain. A hen-pecked King and a strong-minded Queen attempt to force the Prince to marry a suitable lady. The fairy Godmother of course helps Cinderella to go to the ball and the Knife grinder plays his part in her ultimate rescue.


Cinderella                            Too good for her own good


Buttons                                 Loyal lad with ambitions


Baron Stoneybroke          Good but gullible


Baroness Morwenna        Margaret Thatcher eat your heart out


Penelope Bogtrotter         Reject from the Adams family                   


Armadillo Bogtrotter        Never even considered for the Adams family


Knife Grinder                       In love with his job


Nibbler and Dribbler         Stand up mice


Cat                                         Feline with attitude


Prince                                   A lad with lots of castles and a large purse


Dandini                                 His long-suffering equerry


Dindiana                               Every brother’s nightmare young sister


Fairy Godmother               Getting on a bit but still capable


Chamberlain                        A thorn in the royal butt


Herald                                   Blows his own trumpet                                            


King                                      Slightly hen-pecked but doesn’t know it


Queen                                   Would introduce equal rights for women


Duchess of Cleavage       Well endowed lady-in-waiting


Lady Luscious                    Lady tired of waiting


Honourable Hortense      Flings are her thing


Elsie the Spider                 Everyone’s nightmare


The Clock                            A ticking time-bomb




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  1. Steve Davies

    Previous Performances:-

    First performed in January 2006 by SHADES, an amateur company in the village hall of Shamley Green, Surrey.

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