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Corpse & Culpability


Sylvia is hosting one of her themed Murder Mystery Evenings, punctuated by her special surprises. However, on this evening, not everything goes to plan, with confusion and macabre twists. Inspector Herms and his trusty sidekick, struggle to work out what is going on before the surprise conclusion.

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The action takes place in a sprawling country house, where Sylvia Sidebottom is hosting one of her celebrated themed Murder Mystery Evenings. As usual, the evening promises to be full of fun, punctuated by Sylvia’s carefully planned surprises. However, on this particular evening, not everything goes according to plan, as there are extra surprises and unfamiliar faces, as well as plenty of confusion, subterfuge and macabre twists. On a night such as this, when not everybody and not everything is what they seem, the long-suffering Police Inspector Herms and his trusty sidekick, Watson, themselves unexpected guests, struggle valiantly to work out what on earth is going on before the evening draws to its unexpected conclusion.

The play combines humorous dialogue with fast-paced comedy action. The cast list features a number of strong comic roles and there is scope for some fun with the costumes, which can be quite elaborate or less so, depending on preference.


Sylvia Sidebottom

Oliver White

Samantha Jones

Paul Avon

Georgina Jones

Montgomery Sidebottom (Monty)

Lottie Dockett

Inspector Arthur Herms

PC Sharon Watson

Cerise Mechante



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  1. Steve Davies

    Previous Performance History

    Performed by Arrow Players 8th – 10th May 2014

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