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Happy Endings


Sam and Eleanor joust with each other at the Job Club, each hoping that their dream job may lift them out of the abyss of mid-career unemployment. Julian, the Manager, Geordie, an angry unemployed manual worker and Julie, a beautiful young girl just starting out in her working life, bring this play to an unusual and thought-provoking conclusion.

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Act 1
In the job club, Eleanor and Sam joust with each other as they try to dream up their perfect new careers. Their choices are controversial and spark off a heated debate.Eleanor is hopeful that a sophisticated form of prostitution will solve her employment problems. Sam believes that if he were to found a church, donations and covenants would bring in all the money he needs.A new addition to the job club arrives. This is Geordie, a tough character who has no time for Sam, for Julian the club manager, or for the Jobsearch process itself. However, he is quite attracted to Eleanor.

As they try to bring their respective ideas together in a format they can present to Julian, Eleanor and Sam annoy each other so much that the scene culminates in Eleanor storming off.


Act Two, Scene 1

Geordie tries to fit in to the Job Club, but his past experience, limited only to manual work, and his inability to relate prove to be challenging.

Julian surprises everyone as he deals most effectively with Geordie and his confrontational approach to life.

Sam gets an interview and the possibility of a way back into a career. Eleanor arrives and we find out that both she and Sam have an interview – but for the same job.


Act Two Scene 2

The job club has lost its funding and has closed. In its place is ‘Happy Endings’, an Escort agency, staffed today by Julie – Geordie’s daughter.

Sam, thinking of resigning from his current job has come back to find that the job club no longer exists. He recognises Julie from a previous embarrassing encounter. Julie tries to convince him that what she is now doing is both financially secure and good for her. Sam demurs and leaves – just failing to see Eleanor, who is now an important, and very wealthy member of this new and successful organisation.


SAM                                     30 – 50 Intelligent and witty – maybe tries too hard

ELEANOR                          30 – 50 Elegant and competent

JULIAN                               Any age – job club manager. He can surprise us

GEORDIE                           50+   A tough, unemployed northerner (any strong regional accent will work) 

JULIE                                  18 – 22 approx. Very pretty, very self-confident



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