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Molly’s Chamber


Molly’s Chamber is a loose adaption of the Irish folk song: Whiskey in the Jar. The story centers around Matthew, as he tries to defy his criminal boss and the world itself by making off with the boss’s wife, Molly and escaping into paradise.


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Molly’s Chamber is a loose adaption of the Irish folk song: Whiskey in the Jar. The story takes place in and around a tavern in a coastal city in Alaska. It centers around Matthew, as he tries to defy his criminal boss and the world itself by making off with the boss’s wife, Molly and escaping into paradise. Matthew’s grand strategy is easily thwarted, forcing him to scrap and claw for his happy ending.


MATTHEW –   A 20-something, witty and fun loving hired-hand of Nathan. He is never shy about  shady work. He has lived his whole life beholden to none- a life approach that’s landed him on the  wrong side of the law with increasing regularity. He has been known to let his temper get the best of  him from time to time. Despite this, he is ultimately a very kind and compassionate person.

MOLLY –  A wearied and life worn woman in her early 30’s. She still remains beautiful despite wearing the stress of her loveless marriage on her face and in her shoulders. Her spirit is not completely broken however, Matthew has reinvigorated her ability to hope.

NATHAN –    An average looking man in his late 30’s. Nathan has risen through the ranks of the criminal underground. He hustled on the mean streets of Brooklyn, NY, where he was born and raised, until  getting enough money together to buy The Cork and Kerry Tavern in Bay Port, AL.

JACOB – Born and bred in Bay Port, this 40-something henchmen loves nothing more than pleasing his boss. His hulking stature and unflinching personality serve him well as Nathan’s enforcer.

CALEB –  A wanderer in his early 30’s, he has somehow stumbled his way to Bay Port, AL. He most  likely would have moved on a long time ago if not for the close friendship he has developed with Matthew. His resourcefulness and street smarts have come in handy for Nathan. They are likely the  only reasons Nathan has kept him on as an employee. There is little love lost between Caleb and his  employer.

CAPTAIN FARRELL – A surly and mysterious mariner in his mid 50’s. His crew is extremely loyal  and have tremendous confidence in him.

SHERIFF LYNOTT – She has been doing this small-town-sheriff job for far too long now and it has left her far more corrupt than she ever intended. Now that she is in her late 40’s, it seems the delicate  facade she has created around her is starting to crumble. Never a particularly courageous officer of the  law, her courage has nonetheless managed to wane alarmingly in the face of recent pressures.

PHIL –    A long limbed and skinny mariner in his mid 20’s. A notorious coward, he is well known for  talking a tough game and never backing it up. He is far too cocky and extremely naive.

FIONA –  The youngest of Nathan’s working-girls, this 20-something buxom blonde is Nathan’s highest earner. Never one to be shy about this fact, she actually seems to enjoy working in The Cork and Kerry Tavern. No one is a greater victim of this fact than her young daughter, Ashlyn.

McKENNA –    As the most senior of Nathan’s working-girls, she has built up a pretty loyal customer  base. Being so close in age with Molly is most likely the chief reason the pair have developed a strong  friendship over the years.

DEIRDRE –  A veteran of the fishing trade for 10 years now, this tough and rugged 30-something dark  haired oman is immensely loyal to her Captain.

DARREN –   A loyal and obedient crewmember. This 30-something haggard looking mariner is one Captain Farrell knows he can always rely on.

BRIAN –   This 40-something mariner wears an unreadable look on his thin face most days. Captain  Farrell finds him almost as trustworthy as Darren. Although, being relatively new to the crew means he  hasn’t fully earned his stripes.

CELLMATE/TAVERN PATRON – A man in his 40’s to 60’s. The Cellmate has a playful nature and  yet he remains as rough around the edges as an abundance of time spent in prison tends to make a man.  The Cellmate also doubles as a Tavern Patron when necessary.

INMATE-MATTHEW/TAVERN PATRON – An older, grayer version of his younger self. Inmate Matthew hasn’t changed much over the years despite the years spent locked up serving hard-time. He is a bit more reserved and withdrawn but his passion and love for Molly hasn’t dimmed in the slightest.  Inmate-Matthew also doubles as a Tavern Patron when necessary.

FBI AGENT 1/TAVERN PATRON – A man in his 30’s to 60’s. FBI Agent 1 is a no nonsense-get-the job-done type of man in all aspects of his life. FBI Agent 1 also doubles as a Tavern Patron when  necessary.

FBI AGENT 2/TAVERN PATRON – A woman in her 30’s to 60’s. Her personality is nearly a mirror  reflection of that of her partner’s. FBI Agent 2 also doubles as a Tavern Patron when necessary.

 3 additional male extras in their 20’s to 70’s (tavern patrons)

 3 additional female extras in their 20’s to 70’s (tavern patrons, prostitutes)





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