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Out Among the Dragons


Three HIV Positive form friendships and help each other pursue their dreams. OUT AMONG THE DRAGONS begins in 1995, just before the life-saving “drug cocktail”. The play explores how the mode of transmission affects how we view positive people and the way positive people view their world, dreams and themselves.


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Ever have trouble getting out off the couch? Patrick has the same problem, only it’s been two years, and it’s his Mom’s couch. Being a twenty-six-year-old virgin with severe hemophilia, HIV and lousy joints has not given him much impetus.

Encouraged by his therapist, Patrick is determined to shake things up. He decides to cruise his infectious disease clinic for the HIV positive woman of his dreams. Instead of finding “Ms. Right”, Patrick meets two people from the HIV landscape. The first is Joe, a gay man close to Patrick’s age, who only has one small ambition in life: to change the world. The second is Marie, an enigmatic young woman who embodies contradiction and specializes in shocking people. Authentic friendships are formed as they help each other pursue their dreams.

OUT AMONG THE DRAGONS begins in 1995, just before the life-saving “drug cocktail” is available to patients, and AIDS is still viewed as a terminal illness. Through humor, OUT AMONG THE DRAGONS explores how the mode of transmission can affect the way we view people with HIV and the way positive people view their world, their dreams and themselves.


Patrick:               Twenty-something, HIV Positive Hemophiliac.

Joe:                     Twenty-something, HIV Positive gay teacher.

Marie:                 Twenty-something, HIV Positive waitress.

Helen:                 Fifty-something, mother of Patrick

Therapist 1        Joe’s therapist, male, played by the same actor that plays Coach Riley, the Waiter and Fallon.

Therapist 2        Patrick’s therapist, female, played by the same actress that plays Trudi and Arlene.

Trudi:                  Forty-something, best friend of Helen.

Coach Riley:     Forty-something, high school coach.

Arlene:               Fifty-something, infectious disease nurse.

Fallon:                Fifty-something, Joe’s father.

Waiter:                Forty-something.





Previous Performances

After Midnight and Northminster Players produced OUT AMONG THE DRAGONS from June 23 – July 10, 2005 in Evanston, Illinois USA.


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