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Red Riding Hood


The traditional panto everyone knows but with a twist or two.  Red’s mum owns the village hairdressing salon ensuring slapstick aplenty.  And that wolf isn’t real but one of the characters transformed by the Witch, a character who is in love with the Squire’s daughter.

Will true love win through?  ​

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Now many of you will think that you know this story already.  There’s our heroine, a wolf, granny and a woodcutter.  This version is a little bit more complicated than that, though.


  • Meet Dame Snipalot, the village hairdresser, and her son Billy.  If the village had a Village Idiot, he’d be the favourite.
  • Enter the wicked Scavenge and the beautiful Fairy Bountiful.  Actually, it’s up to you to cast it, so the fairy may not be that beautiful.  Scavenge will be evil though.  Guaranteed.
  • Here’s William the Woodsman, although he’d rather be known as a lumberjack, and his handsome son Jack …
  • Who falls in love with Marie, the daughter of the Squire.  She will be beautiful.
  • Look out for Min and Max, a couple of dolts who could give Billy a run for his money in the idiot stakes.
  • And Granny.
  • Not forgetting a wonderful Chorus of villagers singing a fantastic collection of songs.
  • Oops!  How could I forget the lovely Red?  Just don’t call her Little Red Riding Hood.  She doesn’t like that.


So where’s the Wolf got to?  That’s for you to find out in this Fresh, New Pantomime Script.


Red Riding Hood:          (F)         Principal Girl.

Fairy Bountiful:              (F)         Good Fairy.

Scavenge:                         (M/F)   Evil Witch.

Jack/Wolf:                       (F)         Principal Boy.

Dame Snipalot:              (M)        The Dame.

William:                           (M)       A Woodsman/Lumberjack.

Billy:                                 (M)       Dame’s son.

Squire Square:               (M)       Town Mayor.

Marie:                              (F)        Squire’s daughter.

Min:                                 (M/F)   Traveller/ comic relief.

Max:                                 (M/F)  Traveller/ comic relief.

Granny:                           (F)        Old lady who lives in the woods.

Delivery person:            (M/F)  Delivers parcels.

Cheeky Chappie             (M)      Young member of chorus.

Chorus:                            (M/F)  To also play villagers and hair salon customers  and crew if required.

5 Female, 5 Male, 4 Male/Female plus chorus.



Previous Performances

First performed by the Stanley Players, King Stanley, Stroud.  Jan 2016


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