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The Road to Nowhere



Backstage at a dingy music venue a middle aged band are still chasing the ‘dream’, with one clinging to the past, one wanting to leave, and all four of them getting embarrassed by the audience, the popular girl band and themselves. Will they finally realise they’re on the road to nowhere?

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Backstage at a dingy music venue a middle aged band are still chasing the ‘dream’. The Baggage Handlers formed over two decades ago, and through the years have tried to save rock and roll from the threat of Hip Hop, Britpop, and Daniel Bedingfield. With one clinging to the past and one wanting to leave, this quest has gone on for long enough, much to the detriment of their finances, relationships and dignity. Will they finally realise they’re on the road to nowhere?


Cast List


Charlie Steel – Male. 40s. Singer

Charlie still believes the band will become the next big thing, even though it has recently cost him his marriage. He now lives with Jimmy and is trying to embrace single life.


Jimmy Frett – Male. 40s. Guitar

Jimmy always wanted to be in a band from the moment he realised it could make him a hit with the girls. After writing endless songs with Charlie over the years, they now find that living together has had a negative effect on their creativity, and new songs haven’t been flowing as they once did.


Reg Smedley – Male. 40s. Drums

Reg has a stable job and a happy marriage to the sister of Charlie’s estranged wife. He is sick and tired of playing tiny pubs and wants to leave in order to get paid for his hobby.


Bernie Gray – Male. 50s. Bass

Bernie has never been ambitious and drifts from one day to the next. Currently living in his car, the band is Bernie’s support network as much as it is a creative pursuit.




Mags – Female. 60s. Pub Landlady

Straight talking owner of the venue. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly, but has a soft spot for anyone that can pack her pub with paying punters.


Aqua – Female. Late teens/20s

One half of the headline act ‘Aqua Marine’, a band growing in popularity due to their online presence. Has to modify her behaviour once she realises that Reg is a neighbour of her Dad.


Velvet – Female. Late teens/20s

The other half of Aqua Marine who is far from impressed with the behaviour of the ageing support act who is sharing their dressing room (and their buffet).





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