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Turn Around Bright Eyes


Chip Hennessey, an American billionaire is tracing his family roots in the village of Ballysniff. What could possibly go wrong on such an auspicious occasion? Between a horny divorcee rummaging through someone’s bag looking for drugs and finding a saucy surprise to a visually impaired man turning up at the pub looking for his lost ‘Friend’…everything!

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In 2013, the Irish tourist board set up an initiative called ‘The Gathering’ where the Irish diaspora abroad was invited to come and pay a visit to Ireland that year to discover their roots! The villagers of Ballysniff are waiting excitedly for the arrival of Chip Hennessey; an American billionaire who is tracing his family roots. Mike, the local genealogist is hosting the massive reception that’s being held in his honour. Mike is in a pickle when he learns that the only fiddle player in the village has gone off to St Tropez for a badly needed dirty weekend. With no other alternative he turns to Reenie, the pretty young barmaid with the voice of an angel to entertain Chip with her velvet tones. Already under pressure with running the pub on her own and listening to a barrage of comments from her nemesis Mrs O’Brien; she reluctantly agrees to MIKE’s suggestion. Mike is delighted especially as his alternative motives for Chip Hennessey are starting to fall into place. What could possibly go wrong for Mike on such an auspicious occasion for the village of Ballysniff? The drunken escapades of a horny flatulent divorcee, someone quest to find drugs in Mike’s sports bag and finding a rather spicy surprise or maybe the arrival of Reenie’s visually impaired father Bimbo turning up at the pub unannounced looking for his lost ‘Friend’ and telling the world he is single and ready to mingle? How about everything?!


Mike Power:  – He is a man in his fifties. He is a genealogist, small town politician and local gym bunny.

Bimbo O’Shea: – A visually impaired man. He is Reenie’s father. He may not like outsiders but he does like his one best buddy. He is also on the market ladies!

 Mrs O’ Brien: – A recently divorced woman in her mid-fifties (Shush) who suffers from a wild form of flatulence. A very amorous lady who knows what she wants.

Reenie O’Shea: – She is in her twenties. She is a pretty girl with an even prettier voice.

Chip Hennessey: – An American in his late thirties. He is filthy rich, badly dressed and slight hard of hearing.



1 review for Turn Around Bright Eyes

  1. Steve Davies

    It was performed for four nights at the Galway fringe festival 2018. Won the award at the festival for best new writing!

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