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What I Did at School Today


What could possibly go on in a school staff room other than meetings, marking and making coffee?

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Lloyd George Junior and Infants has had an inspection, and the report’s not good. The scheming head is only concerned with sucking up to anyone who’ll enhance his CV, and the all-female staff is either too disgruntled, too lazy or too naive to care. Then in walks, a handsome new supply teacher and everyone suddenly falls over to win his attention. Shocked to find the girl he loved and lost at Uni working there, can he re-kindle the flame?

What could possibly go on in a school staff room other than meetings, marking and making coffee?


Maxine McManus:
School caretaker. Mid-forties she-male. COULD BE PLAYED BY A MALE. Downtrodden. Permanently miffed. Hates everybody and everything.

Mrs. Jubb:
School secretary. Mid-sixties widow. COULD BE PLAYED BY A MALE. Subservient, dithery and doddery.

Clive Beasley:
Headteacher. Mid-forties. Married. Anal and pompous. Full of his own importance.
Dan Thomson

Year 6 supply teacher:

Mid-thirties. Single. Smart, sporty, good-looking.

Kate Faraday
Year 5 teacher. Mid-thirties. Professional, dedicated, maternal.

Jenny Peasgood
Year 4 teacher. Early twenties. Hopeless at everything, especially teaching. Frightened of children.

Liz Nicholas
Year 3 teacher. Around fifty. Large and loud. A big appetite for food and men!


Pat Lowther
Infants teacher. Early Forties. Deadpan. COULD BE PLAYED BY A MAN.

Emma and Holly
Two inseparable friends. (PLAYED BY CHILDREN OR PETITE ADULTS)

The Smedley-Allens
Mid-thirties nouveau-riche parents. (Act II only)

Councillor Tate
Middle-aged Chair of Governors. (Act II only)


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1 review for What I Did at School Today

  1. Steve Davies

    Formerly “Knock and Wait”
    Previous Performance History –
    25/02/2010 3 x amateur by Old Town Theatre Company, Swindon
    Art Centre, Swindon 2010
    Nunthorpe Players, Middlesborough 2011
    Wyvern Theatre, Wiltshire 2011
    Parkend Players, Gloucestershire 2013
    Hounslow Light Opera and Drama 2013

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