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Zeroes to Heroes


The evil wizard “Barry” is tired of never being in any pantomimes. He kidnaps all the princesses and casts a spell on the heroes. With no heroes left, Sidney and Sally (humble chorus members), Team up with an unemployed fairy godmother. A perilous mission begins and the day is saved.

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Evil wizard “Barry” is tired of never being used in any of the pantomime stories. He hatches a plot, to rid the world of pantomime. He kidnaps the princesses of pantomime and casts a spell on all of the heroes. With no one to save the day, the task falls to unlikely heroes Sidney and Sally; humble chorus members, who until this point had only performed the roles of farmers. Teamed up with a recovering alcoholic fairy godmother (The Dame) Francesca, or Franc for short; they embark on a perilous mission to save the day. But trouble looms from the evil wizard’s comrades; his daughter and henchmen. But in the end all odds are overcome and the day is saved. A little true love is thrown into the mix and everyone lives happily ever after.


Sidney           Hero (ex-chorus) and Sally’s brother


Sally               Heroine (ex-chorus) and Sidney’s sister


Francesca    Fairy Godmother (Franc) the Dame


Barry              Evil wizard and Ruby’s father


Ruby              Barry the evil wizard’s assistant and daughter


Tom               One of the evil wizard’s guards


Dick                One of the evil wizard’s guards


Harry              One of the evil wizard’s guards


Man 1             One of the townsfolk


Barman         Barman at Francs inn


Princess 1    Kidnapped princess 1


Guard            Assistant to Tom, Dick and Harry


Police 1         Panto Police Detective in charge of crime scene


Police 2         Panto Police in uniform at crime scene


Police 3         Panto Police in uniform at crime scene


Prisoner        Captive in the evil wizard’s dungeon




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